MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set), Conversations With Enemies

MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set)

Conversations With Enemies

Zac Taylor, Christina LaRocca

Friday, January 20, 2012

8:00 pm


MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set) - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
MK Groove Orchestra (Double Set)
The MK Groove Orchestra is not your grandparents big band, the MKGO is equal parts rock band and jazz band, drawing upon all sounds and cultures that inspire them. Musical omnivores to say the least, depending on what night you see the group, you may be treated to a transcription of a B side from an obscure old school funk 45, the opening theme of a Bruce Lee film, a rendition of a classic recording by a cuban orchestra from the 50s or a classic rock anthem...most likely all of the above. The MKGO's originals also have an equal sense of adventure and breadth, written with clarity and purpose and performed integrity, intensity and virtuosity. Imagine all this...wrapped in face melting guitars.
Conversations With Enemies - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Conversations With Enemies
Created in West Philadelphia, electrified, and brought to life, Conversations with Enemies sings songs of love torn apart by death, zombies, and deals with the devil. The story is dark, but this five-peice, which features charming harmonies, rousing sing alongs, and "a criminal number of unabashed smiles," is anything but brooding. Described as combining "feel good indie pop" together with surf rock and gypsy folk, Conversations with Enemies are also known for delivering an irrepressibly energetic live set.
Zac Taylor - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Zac Taylor
Zac Taylor has been making wise cracks for audiences in venues, subways, and parks around Boston, NYC, and Atlanta for the last few years. In recent months, he's kicked things up by adding horns, a swingin' rhythm section, and some filthy electric guitar, dubbing the band Zac Taylor & The Drugs. Think Ben Folds' playfulness with some gritty Telecaster. The debut record 'Salesman' is set to be released this spring. Produced by Berklee's own Ben Gebert, the vibe of the record has raw, tube-crunched guitar, rollicking drums, and some old school Wurlitzer to round out a jazzed-tinged, in-your-face pop-rock sound.
Christina LaRocca - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Christina LaRocca
Native Brooklynite Christina LaRocca is no stranger to setting standards. Her voice and talent have been heard across the states and overseas in festivals such as CMJ2010. Her innovation as a singer-songwriter echoes rich vocals with a haunting infusion of Folk and R&B. Committed and driven, Christina draws her inspiration through one simple and profound act- creating excellent music. As a result of her passion and experience, Christina has expanded her expertise by creating "L Rock the Party Booking." L Rock the Party Booking is an NYC based company dedicated to live performance and recorded music through musicians committed to creating art in their music. Whether on stage singing, or as a business woman, Christina continues to be an element of opportunity and possibility in today's Music Industry.
Christina LaRocca grew up under her mother's musical influence, hoping to one day to sing as beautifully as her. With the record player constantly spinning Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin and it's easy to see where Christina got her soulful and smooth sound. After moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island, during her teen years Christina found herself listening to listening to female radio stars like No Doubt, TLC, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morsette, and Lauryn Hill. She started auditioning for plays and realizing theatre wasn't satisfying her musical impulse, she picked up a guitar and following her father's beatnik poetic ways, dug into the deep dark mass throbbing inside her heart and began writing her own music. By 2005 Christina had caught the ears of local musicians such as Carl Gallagher and Dorian Lake. After jamming at a hurricane Katrina fund-raiser, they decided to name their newly found project Heavy Weather.