Blaqbook presents: Friday Night Mics

Free entry before 8PM!

Blaqbook presents: Friday Night Mics

Billy Bang, New Black Mob, DXA, ASPCP, Triple Double, Jonifin Marvin, Hefna Gwap, Aaron Cohen/Jonagrizz, Nicoroc, rockboddom/Mr.Benjaminic, DJ Jerk Chicken, DJ Laytonic, DJ Face Lucchese

Friday, February 8, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


*** FREE entry before 8PM ***

Blaqbook presents: Friday Night Mics
Blaqbook presents: Friday Night Mics
Join BLAQBOOK for their second hip hop showcase at Spike Hill ft.

- Jonifin Marvin

- New Black Mob


- Hefna Gwap


Hosted by DJ Jerk Chicken and DJ Laytonic
Billy Bang - (Set time: 12:30 AM)
Billy Bang is an acclaimed indie rapper, engineer, producer, and award winning actor who has the entire DMV music scene buzzing. Born and raised in the rough hood of LeFrak City, Queens, Billy Bang has been steadily making a name for himself on the independent music scene since relocating to Washington D.C. over the 5 years ago. After first being featured on SoSo Def recording artist Brandon Hines 2005 debut album, Love Music, Billy Bang has been gaining acclaim for both his infections music and award winning acting roles. Billy BANG’s buzz has been growing in the DC region and along the East Coast thanks to his high-energy stage shows and heavy internet presence that support his dynamic music. He continues to promote his music and artistry while cultivating his growing fan base. His authentic and passionate lyrics tell his story of a Queens’ kid that has spent his life caught between the streets, school, and music. Everything he does pays homage to his father, the late Billy BANG, the legendary Queens street hustler with whom he gets his name.
New Black Mob - (Set time: 11:50 PM)
Another kid from Camden, NJ; making the trip up to Brooklyn to pleasure your ears.
DXA - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
DXA--Vintage New York Hip Hop sound redefined through the words and minds of those who grew up in the heart of New York City, and influenced heavily by the expression of the Golden era of Rap Music. Knocking beats and versatile flows delivered astutely, DXA embodies the gritty and fun of being the core of the apple.
ASPCP - (Set time: 10:40 PM)
AstroSteez Pretty Cool Peasants (ASPCP): Straight from Philly. “Wealth, Wisdom, Love&Acceptance”. Face likes Cheese and Akira likes looking like Bill Cosby. FrOz and Drew like Jamaican rapping. pablo likes wearing grown man shoes. Kash likes Being a thug.
Triple Double - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
Heralding from NYC’s own Queens, these guys are Classy, Nasty, Jazzy, and Rap Stee. They love their wine and making the ladies dance. "I'm posessed by the most high energies. Ya, treat my dimes like wine, let em breathe."
Jonifin Marvin - (Set time: 9:35 PM)
Formerly a member of Red IDentity and SquadZilla, Jonifin Marvin a.k.a. King Geoffree reemerges on the Philly hip hop scene as a solo artist. Having been born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and being raised in Philadelphia, PA has created a fiery flow in this multi-faceted artist. Unbound by any genre, Jonifin transitions on stage between magnetic hip hop lyrics, to entrancing reggae vibes, to smooth soul vocalization. Inspired by late 80's/early 90's lovers rock, and roots and culture reggae, coupled with being influenced by hip hop monsters such as Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, B.I.G., and Blackstar, Jonifin Marvin has been a student of music during great eras.
Now associated with the TreeHouse-Coalition, Jonifin with all his contagious energy is set to engage audiences both live on stage and through their speakers. You can expect commanding beats and vocals on every track; truth and sincerity in every lyric.
Hefna Gwap - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Hefna Gwap hails from East Palo Alto, California. While out in Cali, Gwap graduated from Berkeley’s film school. After recording countless tracks and mix tapes over a period of time, Gwap decided to go all out with his music. Sooner than later he encountered Lord Plawz on twitter, which inspired a move from the streets of E.P.A to Bedford-Stuyvesant. The pair immediately recorded the Illustrious Goons mix tape, and the rest is history. Currently, Gwap is the founder of the Elegant Caviar Cabinet. Besides being the most misinterpreted rapper, Gwap has several interest such as wine parings, smoking cigars from different regions of the world, and a gang of books.
Aaron Cohen/Jonagrizz - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Jonagrizz was born Aaron Cohen Gowanus Projects, Seattle, his hometown. A real Brooklynite to the core, Jonagrizz continues to hang in Brooklyn. He is affiliated with the inner city kids, the Elegant Caviar Cabinet, and kid super. Jonagrizz loves plantains and shouts out to the Beast Coast movement. This will be his solo debut, though he has recorded already.
Nicoroc - (Set time: 8:25 PM)
Nicoroc is a hip hop artist born and raised in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY. His stellar lyrical boasts combine a playful antagonism with a street smart bravado culminating in a sound and style that is singular and non-derivative. Nicoroc succeeds in organizing a maelstrom of metaphor and clever simile that bind cohesively amidst a cannon of robust and joyfully melodic beats.
rockboddom/Mr.Benjaminic - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Jaiadon Benjaminic... The biggest at the beginning, straight outta Camden, New Jersey... “rap attic been doing it for my city”... in the game for 10 years, diggin’ what he does.
DJ Jerk Chicken
Grew up in Collingswood, NJ and ruled Philly but now lives in Brooklyn. “I am 1/3 of the Weekend Warriors. I am spicy poultry. I am essential to your physical and mental health. I spin everything from the Yardbirds to Supermax to Grandmaster Flash to Homeboy Sandman.”
DJ Laytonic
Vinyl only continuous listening.
Highlighting hip-hop instrumentals from the 90's.
J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, A Tribe Called Quest, and more.
DJ Face Lucchese
His main focus is to be a producer, but he is an artist in all forms. Member of ASPCP.