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OF EARTH Record Release Show

Of Earth

The Love Show (burlesque theater)

Raccoon Fighter

Band of Outsiders


Petty Nobles

Joseph (DJ Set)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Of Earth - (Set time: 12:00 AM)
Of Earth
"Of Earth" is a multimedia communication utilizing compositions of sight and sound being performed simultaneously. In the lab: ROB DE LUCA makes sounds by using his diaphragm to push air over his larynx. His vocal chords open and close in a delicate or violent fashion, producing somewhat unnerving, but occasionally pleasant sounds. He simultaneously produces deeper noises from an apparatus made of wood and four long wrapped wires, which he attacks with his fingers or a plectrum. This apparatus is fitted with magnets coiled with hair thin copper wire, creating an electromagnetic field. This field picks up the vibrations made by Mr. De Luca's unorthodox attacking and delivers them through a cord to an electrical amplifier. Despite being labeled a heretic by critics, his peculiar ritual has now (d)evolved into an underground movement, which has been labeled "Staring At Sound".

PAUL CASANOVA plays a similar wood contraption that has six thin metal wires. He attacks this exclusively with a plectrum and produces a much wider, and far more interesting array of sounds. His contraption also transmits vibrations to an electrical amplifier. This amplifier is connected to paper cones fitted with magnets that somehow transform electric energy into sonic energy. We're not quite sure how he does it either, but it causes Professor Casanova to jump around uncontrollably. This often leaves us wondering if something is going drastically right, or drastically wrong.

Never one to be outdone, RIK DE LUCA uses absolutely no electrical energy to create his aural experiment. Armed only with the energy of sheer human force, Dr. De Luca beats on curved tubes of wood or plastic producing tones of different pitches. By beating on these with thin pieces of wood, he can alter and mix the rhythms and dynamics of the tones. He intersperses this frenzy with similar beatings of flat metal spheres to produce very high frequencies that upset all canines and mothers within 167 square feet.

Although most of his distinguished colleagues can't pronounce his name correctly, MATTHEW BARAM is very respected among his peers. With all their combined experience in studies of art, acoustics, and physics, they can't quite comprehend his choice of expression. Professor Baram creates sounds from no vibrations whatsoever! He moves his fingers, sometimes amazingly quickly, over the white and black pieces of a plastic and metal computer machine. Each of these pieces coincide with a particular pitch that is created within the apparatus. It's further outfitted with lots of fancy push/pull knobs and levers that can instantly change all aspects of the sound's dimensions. We attempted disassembling this machine to try and understand it, but Prof. Baram must have sensed this, and has since kept it locked and secure.

When all these processes coincide, "Of Earth" is truly a marvel of art and science.
The Love Show (burlesque theater) - (Set time: 1:00 AM)
The Love Show (burlesque theater)
The Love Show gets the sexy goin' with their tightly choreographed and costumed numbers, theatrical appeal and gorgeous girls and boys. A little cabaret, a little ballet and a whole lotta rock and roll, The Love Show has entertained all audiences from the glitzy nightclub life to the gritty downtown theater. Classically trained dancers and detailed choreography tell a story with every number... a story both intimate and universal. The Love Show has worked for such clients as Vogue Magazine and Cointreau liqueur, and rocked stages ranging from CBGB's Gallery to The New York Burlesque Festival. They just wrapped the sixth hit season of their critically acclaimed underground holiday hit, Nutcracker: Rated R, at (le) poisson rouge.

... roguishly flirtatious...
- Alistair Macaulay, The New York Times

Naughty & nice.
- Leigh Witchel, The New York Post

...the always impressive director/choreographer/impresario Angela Harriell... manages to create some of the most eclectic performances out there.
- Michael Roderick, BroadwayWorld.com
Raccoon Fighter - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Raccoon Fighter
Raccoon Fighter has always been confident: quietly so. Which comes as a blatant departure from their music, which is not - quiet that is. It can only be described as a three part, tumultuous rock 'n' roll/ blues assault on the senses. Their sound consists of a gritty, cathartic blend of musical bravado and camaraderie that propels you forward. The gravely, enigmatic vocal offerings of Sean Gavigan combine and compete with those of Gabe Wilhelm and his hynotic and visionary basslines, while Zac Ciancaglini adds a sharpness and drive rhythmically. With three stellar songwriting talents under one roof, the result is a frenetic and infectious powerhouse.

It is a far cry from a couple of years ago, when lead singer and guitarist Sean and close friend Zac began a casual recording project based out of Southern New Jersey. While alternating instruments, songs, arrangements and personnel, they built a project recording studio and started writing and recording songs together. As the number of songs grew, so did the band and as a 7 piece indie-folk-big band they played in and around Philadelphia for a while, making a name for themselves. That band splintered and Sean and Zac relocated to Brooklyn. More songs and writing ensued, a four piece band was tentatively formed and the Terrified EP was recorded, however as Zac recalls, "During the process of recording the Terrified EP our bass player and drummer sort of fell out of the picture so Sean and I said fuck it and began playing as a duo with guitar and drums, switching off between the two instruments." Then a small, but significant incident occurred; a mutual friend put them in touch with Gabe Wilhelm, who bizarrely enough came from the same small South Jersey town. He had been playing and singing a variety of notable bands around New York city; not least of which was adding bass parts to some of Ryan Adams "Easy Tiger" record. Gabe was in, the songs followed and as fortune usually dictates; it worked, but not only worked, it worked extremely well.

They recorded a second EP, Liars Feet, in four manic days. Both EP's were released simultaneously in July 2010, with a unifying track, "Rollin Wheel" appearing on both. Whether is be the raucous "No Lover", the metronomic "South Parlourita" or the heraldic and boundless three part harmony acappella at the opening of "The Upbeat"; the consistent and exceptional Raccoon Fighter sound was obvious to all. The musical elements were now in place and people began to take notice, further shows were booked culminating in October 2010 in a tour of Mexico, opening up for Elis Paprika.

Early 2011 meant more writing and recording and then by late summer the 7" vinyl "Butcherette" b/w "I'm and Animal, You're an Animal." was released. Its brazen tale of abortion, lost love and general relationship skullduggery, only served to galvanize the bands dark, frenetic nature. Since the release, Raccoon Fighter have been refining their live sound and playing shows whenever possible, a fact that for them has always be a crucial aspect of the bands continued success.

Off stage, these razor witted, soft spoken guys are quietly understated and refreshingly amiable; a fact that perhaps only amplifies their unbound musical vision. The winter of 2011/12 was spent grafting away in the dignified solitude of their rehearsal space, recording and shaping new material. It is paying dividends; which is no surprise when you take into account the combined musical talent these three Southern New Jersey individuals possess. Their scything music has recently been called an "infectious form of dirty rock 'n' roll/ blues" and "nothing else but good, hard rock 'n roll and all its implications of drugs, sex, and sweat". With a new batch of songs set for release in the near future, their desire and intent has never been so bold.
Band of Outsiders - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Band of Outsiders
Formed in NYC's East Village in 1980, Band of Outsiders was active on the NYC club scene and played throughout the northeast for most of the decade. Tracks produced by Ivan Kral resulted in UK and France releases, and the band toured and/or recorded in UK/Europe in '84, '85. '87.
The group's November 1988 farewell show at CBGB, with Nikki Sudden sitting in, became the live album "Armistice Day".

Except for a one-off set in 1999 (for a CBGB 25th anniversary date with Fleshtones and Certain General), the band was dormant for 20 years, until an October 2008 benefit event inspired a reunion. Since then the band has stayed together, playing, writing and recording.

Member chronology: Marc Jeffrey (guitar, vocals) 1980-88, 1999, 2008-present. Richard Maurer (drums) 1980-88, 1999, 2008-present. Dave Lee (guitar, backing vocals) 1980-83, (bass) 1999, 2008-present. Jim McCarthy (guitar, vocals) 1983-88, 1999, 2008-present. John Massetti (bass) 1980-83. Harlan Gibson (bass) 1983-84. Danny Hirsch (bass) 1984. Joe Drake (bass) 1984-88.

"intriguing songs and with some riveting psych guitar buzzing" ~ Downtown Music Gallery

"A twin guitar fest loaded with emotional ballads and sonic benders" ~ Kris Needs, Trax

"an ensnaring ambience" ~ Art Black, Trouser Press

“quintessential NY guitar group” ~ Bucketfull Of Brains

"atmospheric LES psychedelic garage legends" ~ Lucid Culture
STROAMATA - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Stroamata wore many colors, took many different shapes, and created a wide and wild array of sounds throughout the mid 2000's. It wasn't until 2008 with the release of the self produced album Things Left Lying Around did Stroamata really come into being. The sound and style grew with their second release, The Phoenix EP, in 2010. Stroamata played just about every club in Boston and has built a strong reputation for often being the best band on the bill. Now Stroamata is taking their sound to Brooklyn, to light a raging fire.
Petty Nobles - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Petty Nobles
Joseph (DJ Set) - (Set time: 2:00 AM)
Joseph (DJ Set)