Project K-Paz, Lana Is, Marine Futin, Evan Taylor

Project K-Paz

Lana Is

Marine Futin

Evan Taylor

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Project K-Paz - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Project K-Paz
Based in New York City, Project K-Paz is a musical collective specializing in Spontaneous Music: 100% pure improvisation. We create music in the moment, which is the sum of the musicians present. Four musicians from around the world gathered with the goal of creating something special and unique. A mixture of genres, styles and musical cultures that erupts into this representation of art at its best. By living the art that is Spontaneous Music, our possibilities are endless, and thus, only the purest, most emotionally driven music is created every time we play.

We know improvisation is not anything new in music. But COMPLETE improvisation, and true spontaneity, are not easy concepts to embrace. We like to maintain the freshness of discovery constant in our music, so we never play the same thing twice, all of our music lives only in the moment, and will never happen again. In that way, everyone of our performances is unique, and at the same time completely different from the last one and familiar in that you can expect to receive 100% from each member of the band. We let our emotions and feelings ride on our music, and put it all out there...we don't know that it will always work out, but only one thing is certain, we are able to connect with our audiences in a way no other band can, because the audience is literally part of the music being made, and everyone present contributes to building this organism, this entity that is Spontaneous Music.

Our discography includes "Nothing to Something", a CD and DVD recorded at Avatar Studios in NYC, and we have the mission of spreading the wonder of Spontaneous Music around the world, having playedin places such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Helsinki, Kyoto, Tokyo, Port of Gustavia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, among others.
Lana Is - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Lana Is
Lana Cencic (* in Zagreb, Croatia) was born into a musically rich family. Father Maksimiljan Cencic works as a conductor at the Vienna State Opera, mother Silvija V. Purcar was a professional opera singer in former Yogoslavia, and brother Max Emanuel Cencic is an acclaimed counter-tenor today.

Due to this fruitful musical environment Lana found her vocation in music early in life.

At three, her musical debut as a vocalist took place at the Zagreb State Operahouse, followed by various and numerous performances, both musical and theatrical; a few of the highlights performing at the „Zagreb State Opera House“ in Puccini`s „Madame Butterfly“ at the age of three and at „Volksoper Wien“ in Kálmán`s „Gräfin Mariza“ at the age of eight.

At six, she started her piano education, and later that year recorded her first CD as a solo vocalist with the croatian girls`choir „Zvijezdice“. Various appearances in Film, T.V. and stage accompanied Lana throughout her childhood.

At ten she was accepted into the „Arts Educational School`s of London“ where she completed a rigorous degree in Dance. During her time in London, she was introduced to the world of Jazz by a music teacher; with recordings of such legends as Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Diane Shuure, and many more.

In 1999 Lana was drawn to Vienna, where she was accepted into the Musical Theatre Programm at „Konservatorium der Stadt Wien“, which she graduated from with distinction in 2003. Already during her studies, she attained many professional jobs both in Austria and Germany within Theatre and Music.

In 2001 she started a second degree in classical singing at the „Prayner Konservatorium, Wien“. In 2003, Lana was introduced to the Indian Percussion Instrument, Tabla, and studies this with great dedication, learning from Jatinder Thakur and as of September 2010 with Pandit Samir Chatterjee in New York.

From 2007 to 2010 she completed the Jazz Vocal Program at the „Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitaet“ which she graduated from with distinction. Being a recipient of the „Start Stipendium 2010“, a grant for young promising artists from the austrian cultural ministry and a grant from the cultural association „UNISONO“.
Lana decided to move to New York to pursue her dream as as jazz vocalist/composer and to continue her Tabla studies
Marine Futin - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Marine Futin
Evan Taylor - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor is a New Jersey-based musician and producer. After the typical high school musician experience of garage bands and dreams of being a rock star, Taylor moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Wile working as a producer for an independent record label in Silver Lake, Taylor became involved with the local indie music scene, playing drums for bands such as Princeton, Pangea, and Derde Verde. 5 years later Taylor returned to New Jersey to spend more time behind the scenes supporting artists. He eventually landed a job as co-producer and drummer for Bernie Worrell Orchestra (P-Funk, Talking Heads), which was soon followed by a position as musical director and multi-instrumentalist for Jimmy Destri (Blondie). Taylor continues to perform nationally as a sideman and solo artist. He is currently accompanied by a variety of musicians including Janet LaBelle, Kyle Cadena, and Andrew Kimball.