Honey Wild, Unity, Evil Giraffes on Mars, Peter Sloan Lewis, The Wholes

Honey Wild


Evil Giraffes on Mars

Peter Sloan Lewis

The Wholes

Monday, November 26, 2012

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Honey Wild - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Honey Wild
Those Beats are Dead EP // available now for streaming and download @ honeywild.bandcamp.com.
Unity - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Evil Giraffes on Mars - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Evil Giraffes on Mars
Simply put, Evil Giraffes on Mars are the best (or worst) band that you (or someone else) have ever heard (or not heard). But we are a band nonetheless, and one guy did say we were "awesome" once. Let it be known, now and forever, that his comment was completely unprovoked! We can't even imagine what he would have said had we been fishing for compliments... Regardless, we are known in small circles for our genre bending sensibilities, fueled by a deep respect for all things musical. Combining elements of jazz, rock, funk, punk, hip hop, classical, world beat, and a love of tasty sandwiches, we have created a new beast! An Evil Giraffe!! Lock your doors, hide your daughters and finish your cold cuts!
Peter Sloan Lewis - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Peter Sloan Lewis
Born in New York City, Pete's career reflects the wonderful identity that is synonymous with the "big apple". Early studies with drumming greats Kenwood Dennard, Winard Harper and Marvin "Boogaloo" Smith prepared him for work with a vast array of artists which include: Ricky Martin, Alvin Ailey Dance, Randy Brecker, Adam Holzman (musical director for Miles) Arnie Lawrence and the Gil Evans Band. He also has many experiences performing with a variety of singers; sharing the stage with folk legends Odetta and Pete Seeger as well as Brazilian and African artists such as Mariani Ebert, Vanessa Falabella, Dominic Kanza, Sery Simplice and Kaissa,.

Informal jam sessions with the likes of Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis, John Stubblefield and Frank Hewitt have furthered the education Pete received from the traditonal music school settings of Manhattan School of Music, Mannes and Manhattanville College (from which he holds a B.A.)

He has recorded often as well, doing jingles for the likes of HBO, Showtime, the Oprah Show, documentary work for PBS and album work with the likes of Ornette Coleman, Section 31(featuring Scorpions bassist Pawel Macivoda) Arturo Ofarrill, Hiram Bullock and countless sessions.
Pete also enjoyed a 5 year stint with the Dance/Rock group Ladybug Stingray and currently leads his own new music group featuring Matt Garrison and Adam Holzman while continuing a busy production schedule as well.
The Wholes - (Set time: 7:00 PM)