12 Dirty Bullets, Dogbite, Denise Barbarita, Oh! My Blackbird

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12 Dirty Bullets


Denise Barbarita

Oh! My Blackbird

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Doors: 1:30 pm / Show: 2:00 pm


12 Dirty Bullets - (Set time: 5:00 PM)
12 Dirty Bullets
Openly honest lyrics and commanding riffs mixed with unique guitar melodies create the distinctive sound of one of London's most exciting bands, 12 DIRTY BULLETS. The remarkable partnership was formed in the summer of 2007 by brothers, Jamie (vocals/guitar) and Josh Jamieson (bass/vocals), in a working class suburb in the West London borough of Harrow Uxbridge. While perfecting their music skills at Westminster University, the brothers found their two band mates, Michael “Smith” Smith (guitar) and Loz Rushworth (drums). As with all new bands, these guys were no strangers to local music venues and guerilla style promotion of their music. Like lyrics bleeding on a page, their refreshing alternative Indie-rock sounds began saturating the clubs and airwaves.

Raw and real with a grounded awareness of where they come from and where they are going is the band’s modus operandi. This is why UK’s largest physical music retailer and owner of many of the country’s best live music venues, HMV, declared 12 DIRTY BULLETS one of their Next Big Things of 2011.

Constant gigging throughout London encouraged them to take their future into their own hands and form their own record label, FATMAN RECORDS. The band recruited acclaimed producer Hugh Jones (Echo and The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, Modern English and Charlatans) and headed for the wilds of Lincolnshire to record their debut album, "Downsides To Making a Living". The collaboration resulted in an eleven-track reality call to an English music scene enthralled with the sounds of keyboard-dominated bands. On this album, the self proclaimed, punchy, poetic, peasants, share stories of personal heartbreak, failure and success; celebrating and condemning the ups and downs of a commerce driven and artistically diluted musical landscape.

2011 sees 12 DIRTY BULLETS entering the studio to record their second album. Having just completed a lengthy and highly successful tour in the UK, the Bullets are ready to fire off and penetrate North America and the rest of the world. If you like Rock n' Roll performed by bands that aren’t afraid to extract their heart and expose the thumping blood drenched flesh, then you are ready for 12 DIRTY BULLETS. You have been warned; all guns are blazing. 12 DIRTY BULLETS are coming to the U.S. to turn up the amp and resuscitate the indie-rock world.
Dogbite - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
"Dog Bite is the brainchild of Atlanta's 22 year old Phil Jones, a project of sun-baked anthems caught the ears of London's Young Turks Records (The XX, Wavves, Gang Gang Dance, Holy Fuck). For the past two years Dog Bite has been releasing a steady stream of creepy psychedelic/folk pop songs, gaining praise from taste-maker media outlets like Pitckfork and Fader.

Now, Jones has enlisted some of Atlanta's finest to transform Dog Bite into a real rock n' roll force: Will Fussell of Mood Rings, Stephen Lusce of Red Sea, Woody Shortridge of Balkans, and Cameron Gardner of Washed Out. Finally, Dog Bite will be a fully realized live sound.

Dog Bite combines all your hopes and dreams, fuses them with grapes and butterflies, and then lays them out on a tray with sliced oranges.
Denise Barbarita - (Set time: 3:00 PM)
Denise Barbarita
Denise Barbarita brings her brand of "Melodic Avante Rock" to the Living Room with a solo performance on July 24th @ 6pm
With 3 CDs under her belt already, Denise is planning the release of her 4th endeavor, "A Beautiful Mess" featuring her band, The Morning Papers, in October 2010.
Over the years Denise has toured extensively across the US and Europe. She has also been privileged to have her music featured on many network TV shows and independent films.
Oh! My Blackbird - (Set time: 2:00 PM)
Oh! My Blackbird
Inspired by classical music -- particularly choral music and madrigals -- and 60’s and late 70’s folk revival, mixed with 90’s-00’s era rock, their sound is driven by tight vocals and witty, often venomous lyrics. Sullivan, as Oh! My Blackbird’s songwriter, tells introspective tales of real life experiences that are steeped in traditional pop mixed with a mystical folk mentality.