Eli Mardock, I Can Chase Dragons!, Conveyor, Bouts, Royal Canoe

CMJ - Lovely Hearts Club Presents

Eli Mardock

I Can Chase Dragons!



Royal Canoe

Friday, October 19, 2012

Doors: 12:30 pm / Show: 1:00 pm


Eli Mardock - (Set time: 4:00 PM)
Eli Mardock
One of the most critically admired Indie songwriters of the last decade, Eli Mardock and his former band, Eagle Seagull, were cult favorites in the 00's indie scene before breaking up in 2010. Mardock's distinct, stylish croon, dark and witty lyrics, and dramatic, dream-like songs established his place in the club of great songwriters.

Mardock was born in Omaha, NE and raised in both a Sufi commune in North Carolina and isolated cowboy towns in Nebraska. He began playing the piano at any early age and showed much promise as a classical pianist. He took his early songwriting inspiration from '60's folk holy man Leonard Cohen, but an obsession with British rock followed in his teenage years. After moving to Lincoln, NE to attend college, Mardock picked up the guitar and began to make a mark on the city's music scene as a regular performer at a biker bar.

In 2005, Mardock formed Eagle Seagull with some college friends. With their art-house image and epic, atmospheric sound, Eagle Seagull became an almost overnight success in the mid 00's underground scene. Over the next five years, Eagle Seagull would continue to grow an intense cult following, their records reaching the Top 10 of various European indie charts as well as the Top 100 CMJ (US).

Yet, despite almost universal critical acclaim and a number of celebrities stating their adoration (even Florence Welch declared herself a fan), the band's breakup was both inevitable and controversial. Their much anticipated sophomore album, "The Year of the How-To Book," languished in major label limbo for more than two years before the band was able to escape their contractual prison and release it. Fueled by Mardock's idiosyncrasies, Eagle Seagull developed a reputation for sensational and sometimes terrifically unpredictable shows - becoming, as one plaudit put it, "the Brian Jonestown Massacre of Nebraska." Inter-band relationships began to suffer, and the band split bitterly in 2010 after releasing two critically lauded albums.

Mardock recorded and produced "Everything Happens for the First Time", his first solo effort, in various homes in Boston, Seattle, Omaha, and Lincoln. Mixed by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes), the album makes it clear that Mardock's songwriting prowess continues to grow. This is a record that won't collect any dust on your shelf, as each listen reveals undiscovered details and subtleties. It is seeped in nuance and will reward those who hunger for expressive, cathartic, and truly unique music. Set for release in January 2013, "Everything Happens for the First Time" marks a new beginning for Mardock and promises to be one of the musical highlights of 2013.
I Can Chase Dragons! - (Set time: 3:15 PM)
I Can Chase Dragons!
I Can Chase Dragons! is the solo project of Julio Gudiño, lead singer from Mexican band The Plastics Revolution, who is currently based in Boston.

With an expansive sonic palette, his music could be described as sample and loop-based experimental pop: a unique mixture of Latin American flavors rescued from old vinyls, psychedelic synths coexisting with tropical melodies, and electronic rhythms dyed in Caribbean colors, perfect to transform any place into a party in a beach.

I Can Chase Dragons!’ debut LP "Expansión" was edited in January 2012 as the first release by independent Mexican label Dos Pelicanos. In promotion of the album, ICCD! has performed in different cities around the world such as Boston, New York, Milan, London, Amsterdam and Mexico City.
Conveyor - (Set time: 2:30 PM)
Conveyor is a Brooklyn-based music project spawned by the fated juncture of a wandering tarot of musicians in Gainesville, FL. Was it kismet or perhaps a primordial summon which led these gentlemen purveyors of sound to individually tune in and migrate North to the bustling seductress known as New York CIty? Their retort is Sun Ray, a debut EP birthed and released in the warm embrace of Spring 2011. Brimming with lucid, homey synths layered over acoustic guitars and harmonious vocals, they channel extraterrestrial bible-thumpers drenched in love, spouting acid-soaked pop unabashed to beam with the simultaneous embrace of life/death realities backed by a polyrhythmic, pulsing backdrop. A decidedly grand task indeed, and following a string of self-released, handmade EPs, they are releasing their debut full-length album in 2012 with Brooklyn's Paper Garden Records, a testament to our nature and the nature of ourselves.
Bouts - (Set time: 1:45 PM)
Dublin guitar loudness 4 piece. Strictly no keyboards. And a touch of vocal.
Royal Canoe - (Set time: 1:00 PM)
Royal Canoe
Royal Canoe is a group of musicians on a mission to construct ambitious, inventive music. The songs are thick with catchiness, rich in rhythm and are consistently pushing against the boundaries of pop music.

They spend almost every day in a shit-hole rehearsal space writing hooks, singing through effects pedals, scrawling lyrics on scraps of paper, and constructing heavy beats in odd time signatures. They create samples by running conventional sounds through unconventional pieces of gear, drumming on bathtubs and garbage cans, listening to Big Boi and manipulating bits of old records.

The band calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home – the enigmatic prairie city, which has served artists as both an abundant, creative watering hole and a debilitating quagmire. The city's mood swings from euphoric summers spent biking with beers, fence-hopping residential pools and climbing abandoned roof-tops to harsh, bitter winters that are countered first with defiance, then self-loathing, then denial, then "you've got to be fucking kidding me." Royal Canoe's songs are, in part, an effort to make sense of the resentment and romanticism of the city's divergent identities.

Royal Canoe releases their EP, Extended Play, on February 21.